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workers to look for sites for individuals. they could get an individual tax credit. they want more options for employees for health coverage. >>> yesterday in the bronx a train was going too fast when it derailed. it was going 82 miles per our in a 30-mile per our curve. >> when i heard about the speed i gulped. it takes your breath away. >> the union representative says they are cooperating. >>> no signs of life prompts a search surrounding a thanksgiving trip and missing boaters. >>> big changes at a local shopping mall at the height of the season. >>> a cooling trend with frigid temperatures, and a freeze watch coming up. >>> happening now a vigil is under way for a 3-year-old struck and killed last week at the intersection where he was killed while being pushed in a stroller. 24 pedestrians have been killed in similar accidents. this is the highest number of deaths in a decade. >>> a 5-day search for a couple in the delta. their family has not given up hope. >> reporter: a boat launch where an empty boat trailer has sat. the southern end is several miles away. this fishing boat was fou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1